Care Team Circle

Liza Njuguna (Radical Care Team)

Strategist, Organizer, and Writer

Care Team Circle

5:00 [PM] 25 June, 2022

We at the Radical Gathering realize observing, processing and engaging in movement work is continually challenging on our entire beings, as individuals and as a collective. We don’t have to do it alone.

The volunteer Radical Gathering Care Team is available throughout the duration of the Radical Gathering to support any and all participants (including panelists) individually and collectively. How to access Care Team support will be provided during the live sessions only.

Care Team volunteers will be available for individual peer support and each day there will be Radical Gathering Care Team facilitated sharing circles.
This peer support is provided by independent movement healer/practitioner volunteers. All on-call team members are trained and/or affiliate members of the TRACC4Movements Healer Network. Peer support is not a replacement for therapeutic support. Volunteer Care Team members do not represent the people nor the opinions of all the panelists and/or sponsors of the Radical Gathering.


Liza Njuguna
Liza (lee-ZAH joe-GO-nah) (she/her/hers) is a black, cisgender, Kenyan-American immigrant woman who lives in Dallas, TX on Caddo land. The child of two spiritual leaders in the Christian tradition, community builders and educators, and the youngest of six children, Liza learned early to recognize and appreciate each person’s uniqueness and strength. This appreciation evolved into the understanding that the individual is strongest when all other parts are at their best. As a strategist, organizer, and writer, Liza works to deepen our understanding of what it means to be human and to be in relation. She leads individuals and organizations to nurture environments where individual contributors can perform at their best so that the whole can be at its best.

inabel Uytiepo
inabel (they/siya) is a queer, pilipinx-chinese somatic forgiveness practitioner, artist, teacher, animist and forever student. inabel has been studying death and meditation since they were a child. inabel began a healing arts practice after becoming a Buddhist meditation student and teacher. inabel is a certified hypnotherapist. inabel is an intuitive, trained bodyworker, contemporary and ancestral lineage holder of wholistic manual therapies for digestive and reproductive systems via neuromuscular, visceral, aura and energy presencing. In collaboration with community, inabel offers trauma informed personal sessions and holds co-creative careshops, events, community circles and retreats via somatic mindfulness and ancestral wayfinding journeys. inabel currently offers sessions and community anti-racism healing circles, normalizing grief, anger, forgiveness, co-creating harm-free(dom) and ancestral communication, often with Asian, Pilipinx, femme, gender queer and LGBTQIA+ community. inabel is also one of five co-conveners for the cross-racial solidarity grassroots organization Peoples Collective for Justice and Liberation. inabel’s most recent endeavor is sharing their life’s explorative work in a co-creative journeys called the Wayfinding Collective. Follow inabel on Instagram at @healingisgiving

Kate Fontana

Kate Fontana (she/her/hers) is a queer cis white femme living on Coast Salish territory aka Tacoma, Washington. Raised in a rural town in a large Catholic family, Kate was immersed in liturgical practice, Catholic social teachings, and the beauty of the PNW. Seeking wholeness and reconciling dissonances within various identities—including being Queer, Catholic, white, a U.S. citizen, among many other things—has been at the root of her lifelong healing and sacred activism journey. She is a psychic, priest/ess, somatic resilience practitioner and co-founder and steward of The Sanctuary Northwest, a center for trauma resilience, spiritual wellness and cultural healing. Kate thrives on ambiguity, karaoke, being an auntie, and the worlds of youth fantasy fiction. Find her at and

Petra Vega
Petra is a Liberatory Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Radical Social Worker and Emergent Strategist with a decade of creating positive, transformative change. Since becoming politicized in college, Petra has learned how to build power with parents and neighbors, challenged toxic workplaces into care-centered spaces, and facilitated a variety of trainings on social justice, trauma, leadership development and coaching. Today, Petra is building her company, Create More Possibilities, with the intention of transforming internalized oppression into liberatory power so folks can create more possibilities for themselves, their people and future generations to come. Follow Petra on IG at: @createmorepossibilities

Jessica Libere
Jessica is Classically trained in psychology, biology and Eastern philosophy, Jessica works at the intersection of mental health and spiritual health. Through a lens of collective trauma, healing and liberation, she teaches people to free themselves from their conditioning. She supports people in the practice of liberating their internal world from models of harm so that we have a better chance at creating an external world that is more and more liberated from models of harm. Learning to work with our conditioning changes our hearts, our minds, our personal lives and our collective future. Though she works with a wide range of clients, she adores serving people who serve. Her practice is called The Blank Page, and you can find her website at or get in touch at

For urgent care or emergencies, here is a list of support resources:


  • ACCESS Helpline: 415-255-3737 (Helpline is able to communicate with callers in any language)
  • Helplink: 211 (information about nonprofit health and human services)