Milly Harmon

Milly Harmon

Co-Director ,
Move to Amend

Milly Harmon (they/she) is a Co-Director of Move to Amend, working toward the vision of legalizing democracy through grassroots movement building and the passage of a 28th amendment to abolish ALL corporate constitutional rights. They began work for Move to Amend in 2013 with the Mendocino California affiliate, transitioning to staff in 2017.

Growing up in rural Arizona, they witnessed the immense influence of the private prison industry on the passage of immigration legislation that incentivized racism, detention, and terror of people and families.

After moving to Northern California, they got involved in local environmental justice work. In this new space, they continued to observe corporations and big industry making decisions to the detriment of the land and the human and plant communities who depend on it.

Milly believes that the passage of the #WethePeopleAmendment can be an important tool to dismantle corporate rule and the larger systems and institutions that were founded upon the marginalization and oppression of people, as well as the exploitation of earth and destruction of communities.

They are a mom to one kiddo, three chickens, two dogs, and a horse. They currently reside in central Arizona, on colonized Yavapai-Apache territory.